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SXT Micro Scooters

SXT Scooters are the next generation of electric and petrol scooters supplied & Quality controlled from Germany and manufactured from SXT's new production line in China to the highest standard. No longer do you have to put up with bad build quality or slow and frumpy scooters. You can now have one of the best built scooters in the marketplace at a price you all can afford. With a full range of 36v and 48v 1000w scooters, and the great road legal EEC model in Electric you can have a scooter to meet all your needs. Oh! and for you petrol heads out there why not try one of the 49cc or 71cc petrol scooters form SXT. These petrol scooters have blistering performance that will blow You away. Lets be honest, you want one of these great handling, high performance scooters from SXT. Built to last, Built for speed, Built for fun. Your asking yourself - Aren't  electric and petrol scooters the same?... NO they are not!


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